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My Commitment to Sustainability

Did you know that the Zero Waste Movement was intended to encourage businesses to operate more sustainably? Most of the trash comes from commercial, not residential buildings.

Since I'm on a personal zero waste journey, I aim to do the same with Thoughtfully Handmade. So, below, I've listed what I'm doing to reduce Thoughtfully Handmade's environmental footprint.

1. Minimal Packaging

At in-person markets:

  • I don't package my cards or bookmarks in any way. I give you complementary envelopes when you check out. 
  • My gift tags come in a small, recyclable kraft envelope.
  • I only give you a paper shopping bag if you ask for one.

At consignment shops:

  • My cards are packaged in a compostable plastic sleeve. Just cut the sticker off at the back and compost it!
  • My bookmarks are package free.

At my online store:

  • My cards and bookmarks are wrapped using upcycled tissue paper and tape to protect it.
  • My gift tags come in a small, recyclable kraft envelope.

2. Minimal Shipping Materials

All online orders are shipped using a kraft bubble envelope. I'm transitioning to an all paper mailer once I finish the bubble ones. In the envelope, I only include a handwritten thank you note, my business card and the wrapped items in your order.

3. Supporting Toronto Environmental Alliance

I donate 10 cents from every item sold to Toronto Environmental Alliance. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to creating environmentally friendly policies for Toronto to adopt. If you want to learn more, you can read my blog post on why I chose TEA

If you're a small business owner and want to learn how to be more sustainable, you can read my blog post on the topic!