Fall Beautifully | Handmade positivity self-love card | white brick background with 3 dark grey stars | Just Believe sentiment | Thoughtfully Handmade
Fall Beautifully | Handmade positivity self-love card | Fall Beautifully poem | __karonn__

Fall Beautifully

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We often associate falling with failing. We think once we fall to the ground, we failed. But what if we can fall beautifully? What if falling doesn't necessarily have to be failing? What if you can send a card with a poem to a good friend, telling her just that? Falling can be pretty if you know how to look at it that way. And our #PositiveChange Series will help shift your mindset. Because really, falling isn't so bad. If you have a person who sees you through.

Each card has a poem inside written by __karonn__ to remind the reader to love themselves. Please refer to the second image for the poem.



L: 5 1/2 inches

W: 4 1/4 inches