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5 Things to Give: Feminine Birthday Edition

Birthdays are such a special occasion- it’s the day someone was brought into this world and should be celebrated. Have a birthday coming up for a person with a feminine aesthetic? What will you give them for their birthday? A thoughtful gift from a local Canadian business is the answer. That’s why I’ve gathered some awesome gifts made by some of my favourite artisans.

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3 Ways to Gain Inspiration for Creation

Have you ever wondered how I came up with my card designs?⁣ If you're curious about where I draw inspiration from, this week's blog post answers just that!⁣ I'm sharing 3 resources I regularly use to help me come up with new card designs. If you're in a creative rut- trust me, I know how much that sucks, continue reading!

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Week In A 19 year-old entrepreneur's Life: May 27-June 02

Hello everyone! Working from home sounds like a dream come true, but is it really? This week, I’m showing you what a week in my life looks like. Now, not every week is like this, but it’s a pretty good representation of how busy an entrepreneur can get! I actually filmed my entire week (May 27-June 2) and posted it on my IGTV. You can head over there to watch if you would like or keep reading for a written play-by-play of what happened. A little backstory before we get started. My name is Yandy, and I’m the owner of Thoughtfully Handmade, and author of this blog, Thoughtfully Blogged. I am also a full-time university student at the University of Toronto....

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