Why I Chose to Partner with Seniors With SKills

Why I Partnered with Seniors With Skills | Thoughtfully Handmade

So, as you may have heard, Thoughtfully Handmade has teamed up with Seniors With Skills to spread positivity. Ten cents from each and every card or bookmark sold will be going towards their operational costs!

Without further ado, here is Jaya, the founder of Seniors With Skills to explain exactly what they are all about. 

What is Seniors With Skills?


Hello, my name is Jaya and I am the founder of Seniors with Skills which is a nonprofit organization that improves the overall quality of life of seniors through social engagement.

Jaya presenting Cards and Knitting Program at The Hazelton Place | Why I Partnered with Seniors With Skills | Thoughtfully Handmade

We are a team of young adults who aim to connect seniors to volunteer opportunities on a personal basis by learning about their passions and interests.

Our most successful program is the Cards and Knitting Program where seniors make cards and knit items for local hospital patients with the help of our volunteers. The program has been successfully implemented in over 25 retirement residences in the Greater Toronto Area just this summer and we have reached hundreds of seniors!

One of the seniors making cards for hospital patients at Lansing Retirement | Why I Partnered with Seniors With Skills | Thoughtfully Handmade

Every week, our volunteers bring seniors together to make bright and positive cards filled with messages such as “you inspire me” “you are a shining star” and “keep smiling.”

These cards bring so much joy to local hospital patients.

Through this program, seniors are able to make a difference while socializing with young adults and other seniors.

Seniors With Skills is very excited to partner with Thoughtfully Handmade to help our organization grow. With the proceeds, we can expand and provide supplies to more retirement residences to start the program.

We aim to continue proving to seniors they are never too old to make a difference in the community.

Why I decided to help

As Jaya said, cards spread positivity. So how could I not help? Spreading positivity is one of the core five reasons that pushed me to start Thoughtfully Handmade.

Help me help Seniors With Skills by buying a card and bookmark today! Or help directly by volunteering with the organization. Check out Seniors With Skills' website for more information!

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