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Three Easy Ways to Write a Thoughtful Message

3 easy ways to write a thoughtful message | Thoughtfully Handmade

Fewer and fewer people give handwritten letters and notes.

That is such a sad fact!

Anything handwritten has always felt more genuine and caring than anything typed. Imagine getting a thoughtful email or text.

Nice, right?

Now imagine receiving a handmade card with a handwritten message inside. You feel appreciated, special and your heart warms up.

Don’t you want that same effect for your recipients?

Business owners, take note: sending a handwritten thank you card to your clients does wonders for your business!

However, it’s hard to translate all of those thoughts into words. I get it- we aren’t used to writing our thoughts out in an eloquent way.

That’s why today, my blog post features 3 surefire ways to write a thoughtful message.


If your recipient is a lover of puns, one way to start off your message is to use a pun that fits the situation. Here are some examples below:

Oh ship it's your birthday! Another year, another year wiser. Here's to one more year of growing together! | Thoughtfully Handmade

Thank you very mochi! Your thoughtful gift was very much loved and appreciated. | Thoughtfully Handmade

If you’d like some puns fit for any occasion, I have a free resource for you! I have compiled 100+ puns and sentiments for your perusal. Just click here to download.

Sentiment Kickstarters

Begin your message with a simple “Happy Birthday,” “Thank you” or whichever occasion your card is for. For instance:

When everyone said it couldn't be done, you showed the opposite to be true. I am so proud of you! | Thoughtfully Handmade

Or, if you are looking for some creative sentiment kickstarters, my 100+ Puns and Sentiments resource is for you! I have sweet ones like this in there:

Here's to two imperfect pieces that fit together perfectly. I love you mom and dad! I hope my marriage will be as great as yours! | Thoughtfully Handmade

If you haven’t already, you can get your free copy here. Of course, It doesn't have cookie-cutter sentiments in there. It is meant to jumpstart your creativity.

In the sentiment above, the first half was from the list and the second half was from the heart!

Write From the Heart

The last one is my favourite method for writing heartfelt messages: Write a personal sentiment that’s unique to the person receiving it.

If it’s an anniversary or Valentine’s Day card, you should have no troubles in this department! My favourite way to brainstorm is to think of 2-5 traits or qualities that I love and/or admire about the recipient. For example:

I can't believe that it's been a year since you said "yes" to being my girlfriend. I love your huge heart and your thoughtfulness. Every day I come home to your love and optimism. I love you! | Thoughtfully Handmade

Dear Sally, He's not worth the tears girl. It's better that you found out now than 5 years later. Every guy would love to be surrounded by your humour and kindness. | Thoughtfully Handmade

It’s a guaranteed way to write a thoughtful and heartfelt message.

The one drawback? If you don’t know your recipient that well! If that is the case, I would then stick to methods one and two.

Before I forget, if you need a gift idea, my 5 Things to Give: 2018 Gift Guide gives you plenty!

I hope these 3 tips will help you craft a thoughtful message and spread a little positivity and kindness!

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  • JJ

    As you said, handwriting a message shows a level of effort that few afford these days. I think the same can be said with sending a letter or writing a longer text message. When you can go beyond the expectations of the communication device, it shows that you care a lot about what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to.

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