Thoughtfully Gifted: Valentine’s Day Victory

Thoughtfully Gifted: Valentine's Day Victory | Thoughtfully Handmade

It’s the eve of Valentine’s Day, and Sam is hopelessly lost!

To make matters worse, his 5th anniversary with his husband is on the same day, and he needed a gift like yesterday. What is a husband to do?

After 7 years (they dated for 2 years before getting married) of creative gifts, his inspiration has run out. Desperate for ideas, Sam starts scrolling through his Instagram feed for some gift ideas.

The first one that pops up seems promising- a night at an escape room! Then, Sam remembers that this is what William, his husband got him for his birthday last year.

Groaning, Sam continues his search. Next, he sees a handmade bracelet. Although it is beautiful, it’s just not in the budget this year. Sam and William are saving up to go to Iceland! Crossing his fingers, Sam hopes that the third time’s the charm.

Lucky for Sam, it was! As he was searching for a handmade gift, this image popped up:

Argyled Love | handmade valentine's day card for him or her | Thoughtfully Gifted: Valentine's Day Victory | Thoughtfully Handmade

Sam found a post about a handcrafted Valentine’s Day card called Argyled Love.

He loved the idea of a personal, handmade card paired with a small box of good quality vegan chocolates. It might be small, but it doesn't need to be expensive to be thoughtful.

Sam knows that William loves chocolate and handmade goods, so the two paired together will make a fantastic Valentine’s Day and anniversary gift!

Sam decides to order the card right away on Instagram. Seeing as the shop, Thoughtfully Handmade is local, he asked if he could pick it up from the owner, Yandy, himself the next day. Yandy agreed.

On Valentine’s Day, on Sam’s lunch break, he went to William’s favourite chocolate shop and picked up a box of orange flavoured dark chocolate as it is William’s favourite.

After work, Sam drove over to the nearby mall and met with the owner, Yandy to pick up his card. The second Sam got home, he quickly ran to his office and closed the door so William couldn’t see his present.

The previous night, Sam actually subscribed to Yandy’s newsletter and received his free copy of some puns that Yandy had compiled. That way, he could write a fun pun inside of the card for William.

Opening up the neatly packaged card, Sam starts to write the pun that he picked out. Sam then slides the card into the envelope and wraps the box of chocolate. He attaches the card to the gift, and he breathes a sigh of relief. Crisis averted!

That night, William comes home with a nice bottle of wine, and they cook dinner together. After they finish dessert, the gift exchange begins.

Sam gives William his gift first. William unwraps it and cries tears of joy! Sam received the Best Husband Award right then and there.

I’ll leave it to you to imagine what happens next.

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