Thoughtfully Gifted: The Dinner Party

Thoughtfully Gifted: the dinner party | Thoughtfully Handmade

*disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real life events or real people are coincidental*

Your boss just invited you to her Christmas dinner party. How exciting! However, convention dictates that you need to bring the hostess a gift. Usually, you’d bring a bottle of wine but a promotion is up for grabs, and you want to impress your boss. You don’t know her that well, and everyone is getting her a bottle of wine!

What can you do?

You ask your coworkers for suggestions, and one of them brings up a handmade card. You consider the idea: it’s not too personal, so you don’t have to worry about her likes and dislikes, but it’s still intimate enough to create a thoughtful gift.

Your coworker suggested a store called Thoughtfully Handmade and while browsing on the website, you see a holiday card called Broadway Cheers:

Broadway Cheers | Green Variant | handmade Christmas card | Thoughtfully Handmade

It’s perfect, and you order it immediately. Now, your handwriting is not the best, so in the message box in your cart, you give the owner a message to write inside the card, the name of your boss and a sample of a font that you like.

The owner contacts you the next day with a picture of the message in the font that you wanted and asks for your approval. The card is exactly what you wanted, so you approve it immediately.

Three days later and the card arrives. You open the package and see a carefully wrapped card, along with an envelope.

On the night of the Christmas party, you grab that bottle of wine and the handmade card. When you arrive at your boss’s house, you give her the gift. You watch as she opens it, waiting in anticipation for her reaction.

“Aww, thank you so much! That is so sweet of you! This is such a beautiful card- where did you buy it, Joseph?” she asks.

You respond, “would you believe me if I said that I made it?”

She gives you a look. You chuckle and say, “I bought it from an online shop called Thoughtfully Handmade,” as you both walk towards the dining room table.

A month passes, and it’s January now. You’ve been hard at work, aiming for that promotion. One day your boss calls you into her office. As you walk in, you see the Christmas card that you gave her pinned to her bulletin board.

Ten minutes later, you step out of the room smiling. You got the promotion!

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