Thoughtfully Gifted: The Birthday Celebrant

Thoughtfully Gifted: the birthday celebrant | Thoughtfully Handmade

*disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real life events or real people are coincident

You just got your first full-time job, and you're so excited, but nervous at the same time. On the first day, you meet Brittany, who shows you the ropes and helps you get started on the right foot. You instantly connect, and you become friends.

A month goes by, and you're loving your new job. You and Brittany have become close, but you still don't know enough about her yet, that if the occasion arose, to get her a thoughtful gift.

One day, you and Brittany were talking and the topic of birthdays comes up. Brittany asks you when your birthday is and you reply that it was in March. You ask Brittany for hers, and she says "Oh, my birthday's actually next week!" Well, it needs to be celebrated- so, you make plans for a birthday dinner with Brittany.

On the way home, you brainstorm gift ideas because:

1. Convention dictates that you get her something for her birthday, and;

2. You want to get her a gift to thank her for being such a fantastic friend and coworker.

When you get home, you still haven't thought of a fabulous gift idea. You realize that the problem is, you've only known Brittany for a month, and you don't know enough about her to get her something that she would honestly want. You definitely don't want to buy Brittany a generic, crappy gift because she means a lot to you.

What do you do?

During the weekend, you're at your local farmers market, and while you're browsing, you come across this vendor called Thoughtfully Handmade.

You think, "Wow! This card is perfect. Unlike a dollar store card, it's a bespoke gift, made by hand and a lot of effort has been put in to craft such a beautiful handmade card." You go in and speak to the owner while looking for the card design that speaks to you. 

You come across a card called Bohemian Whirl:

Bohemian Whirl handmade congratulations card | Thoughtfully Handmade

While browsing, you realize that all of the cards are blank inside so you can write whatever you want to personalize it. Now, you can congratulate Brittany for living another year without chocolate (it's an inside joke 😉). You also like how the sentiment isn't "Happy Birthday" because:

1. It's generic, and;

2. Now you can write "Happy Birthday" inside! It always feels redundant when the sentiment says it and then you also write it inside. 

You decide to purchase the card right then and there. You get home, write in your message, slip in a gift card to her favourite store and you can't wait to give Brittany her present tomorrow.

At the birthday dinner, you present Brittany with her gift. She opened it and she loved it!

The next day at work, you spot the card that you gave her displayed proudly on her desk. 

Crisis averted!


If you want to purchase Bohemian Whirl. please hurry as I only have 2 cards left! Click here to buy.

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