Thoughtfully Gifted: The Beloved Grandson

Thoughtfully Gifted: The Beloved Grandson | Thoughtfully Handmade

Do you visit your grandparents enough?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. That's David's answer as well. He recently graduated with an engineering degree and is currently interning at a construction company while getting his masters degree.

We're all so busy with our daily lives, and David is no exception. Caught up in the whirlwind of work, school and his mental health, David hasn’t had a chance to visit his family in a long time.

You see, David moved across Canada to go to school in Vancouver, and his grandparents aren’t the most technologically advanced. This means texting, Skype or emails are out of the question. Because David has such a hectic schedule, he barely has the time to sit down and eat a proper meal, much less to give his grandparents a call.

But David thinks of his grandparents often doesn’t want them to believe he has forgotten them. What should David do?

A few weeks go by, and at the end of the internship, David was given a thank you card for his work and an offer for a full-time position.

Gratitude Bonanza | white & navy variant | handmade thank you card with "so very grateful" as sentiment | Thoughtfully Gifted: The Beloved Grandson | Thoughtfully Handmade

After reading it, he turns the card around to see where it was from because it was so pretty!

He discovered that the handmade thank you card was from Thoughtfully Handmade, a small business run by a full-time university student in Toronto.

David then realized that this was the perfect way to show his grandparents some love. Immediately, he pulled out his phone and went to Thoughtfully Handmade’s website and started to browse. He went to the general section and found a card called Tag It:

Tag It | red "thinking of you" variant | handmade general greeting card with floral background | Thoughtfully Gifted: The Beloved Grandson | Thoughtfully Handmade

David loved it and ordered it right away! Two weeks later, the card arrived, and he pulled it out. But, he didn’t know what to write inside! All of his thoughts were jumbled up in his head.

Luckily David remembered that the owner of the shop, Yandy had a free list of puns and sentiments for people to write inside of their cards. He subscribed to her monthly newsletter right away to get access to the freebie.

Psst: if you want your own copy, subscribe now!

The sentiments inside really helped him get past his writing block, and he started to write out a thoughtful and personalized message for his grandparents. The next day, David headed to his local post office to buy a stamp and mailed it to his grandparents in New Brunswick.

A couple of weeks later, David gets a text from his mom, telling him that his grandparents loved the card and that he unofficially became their favourite grandson!

It really goes to show how far a small gesture can make someone’s day. Take 5 minutes of your time today and do something nice for someone else!

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