Thoughtfully Gifted: The Mutual Friend (holiday edition)

 Thoughtfully Gifted: the mutual friend (holiday edition) | Thoughtfully Handmade

*disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real life events or real people are coincidental*

Every day at lunchtime, you sit with your three best friends, Janice, Ming, and Andy. One day, you arrive at your lunch spot, and you see a random person sitting with your friends.
You ask Ming who he is. Ming tells you that he’s her cousin, Jing and that he recently transferred from another school.
You sit down, and over time, you get to know each other. But Jing is a year older than you, so you’re not in any of his classes, and you never see him in any of your club meetings either.
Jing is more like a friend of a friend. You talk to each other but you never hang out with him outside of school.
December comes. You panic because it's the holiday season, which means you need to get on that gift-giving game. You already know exactly what to get Janice, Ming and Andy because you've known them since you were three. The problem is, you have no idea what to get Jing. Guys are notoriously hard to shop for in the first place, and you don’t know Jing that well enough to get him something personal. You can’t not get him something, especially when you got everyone else something. What do you do?
You ask Ming for help because after all, she is his cousin. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any ideas either. She isn’t that close to Jing and ironically, was going to ask you for help!
Desperately, you search for ideas on Pinterest and you see this card called Stack O’ Trees:
Stack O' Trees | handmade christmas card | Thoughtfully Handmade
“A thoughtfully handmade Christmas card!” you think to yourself. “It's just personal enough that I can get away with not getting him an actual gift. What a brilliant idea!”
The problem is, it’s finals season, and you do not have time to make a handmade card. What can a girl do? You go back to the image that you pinned the day before and realize that you can buy handmade cards.
Problem solved!
You order it right then and there from a small handmade card shop called Thoughtfully Handmade. It came just in time for your gift exchange before winter break. Thank god!
When it was your turn to give Jing his card, he loved it! Jing loved how thoughtful you were in choosing a handmade card for him because he knew you could have been lazy and gotten one from the dollar store. He also appreciated the personal message that you wrote inside, and in Chinese!
Crisis averted, and it was all thanks to Stack O’ Trees.

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