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3 Reasons Why You Should Send a Handmade Card

You’ve seen my posts about giving a handmade card on Instagram. You’ve read my Thoughtfully Gifted blog post series. But if you’re not in the habit of sending letters or giving cards, you might be wondering why you should do it. Are there any benefits to mailing a handmade card? Of course, there is! So, in no particular order, here are 3 reasons why you should give a handmade card.

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Thoughtfully Gifted: The Beloved Grandson

Do you visit your grandparents enough? Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. That's David's answer as well. He recently graduated with an engineering degree and is currently interning at a construction company while getting his masters degree. We're all so busy with our daily lives, and David is no exception. Caught up in the whirlwind of work, school and his mental health, David hasn’t had a chance to visit his family in a long time, especially his grandparents. What will he do?

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Three Easy Ways to Write a Thoughtful Message

Fewer and fewer people give handwritten letters and notes. That is such a sad fact! Anything handwritten has always felt more genuine and caring than anything typed. Imagine getting a thoughtful email or text. Nice, right? Now imagine receiving a handmade card with a handwritten message inside. You feel appreciated, special and your heart warms up. Don’t you want that same effect for your recipients? Business owners, take note: sending a handwritten thank you card to your clients does wonders for your business! However, it’s hard to translate all of those thoughts into words. I get it- we aren’t used to writing our thoughts out in an eloquent way. That’s why today, my blog post features 3 surefire ways to write a...

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