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3 Steps to Hiring a Social Media Intern

As a small business owner, I do almost everything by myself. From making my handmade cards to doing the SEO from my website, I do it all. If I don't know how to do it, I have to learn. That's what happened with social media marketing. Now, I recently got busier than ever. With university, Thoughtfully Handmade and my extracurriculars, I got extremely overwhelmed. That's why I decided to hire a social media intern.  Longwinded introduction aside, let's get into how I actually hired her!

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5 Easy Ways to Organize a Stressful Day

  I've been told by numerous people that I am VERY organized. I mean, I have a Type A personality and include bullet journaling as a hobby. People have often asked me how I run my own business, be a full-time student and still do normal people stuff like shower, eat and hang out with friends. So, I've decided to put together a blog post that shares how I plan out my day. Seriously, I would go crazy by now if I didn't have my system. If you follow these tips, your day will be more productive and stress-free.    

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Week In A 19 year-old entrepreneur's Life: May 27-June 02

Hello everyone! Working from home sounds like a dream come true, but is it really? This week, I’m showing you what a week in my life looks like. Now, not every week is like this, but it’s a pretty good representation of how busy an entrepreneur can get! I actually filmed my entire week (May 27-June 2) and posted it on my IGTV. You can head over there to watch if you would like or keep reading for a written play-by-play of what happened. A little backstory before we get started. My name is Yandy, and I’m the owner of Thoughtfully Handmade, and author of this blog, Thoughtfully Blogged. I am also a full-time university student at the University of Toronto....

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How to Balance School and Business: An Ongoing Journey (Part 3)

The first semester is FINALLY over, and I could not be happier. Don’t get me wrong- I love what I’m learning at university, but I hate the stress and anxiety that school gives me. The business has given me some frustration, stress and anxiety too. I’ve got my first holiday market coming up on Dec. 16, and I need to make enough cards to sell. So, without further ado, here is an update on how I’m handling EVERYTHING.

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How to Balance School and Business: An Ongoing Journey (Part 2)

Hello, hi, bonjour, hola! It’s midterm season, which means I’m a busy bee that barely has time to take a shower. How am I balancing school and business you ask? Well, read on to find out. So, this is a continuation of my series "How to Balance School and Business." Here’s the link to the first one so you can get caught up. I’ll still be here when you finish reading. Now that you've caught up let's begin!

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