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Pop-up Market Review: Spectacular Spring Sale

As a vendor, I understand the worries of selling at a market that you’ve never sold at before. I’ve heard about other vendors getting ripped off, and I’ve personally sold at unsuccessful markets where traffic was low, and no marketing was done to promote the market nor its vendors. Last Saturday, I did my first market with LLL Events at their Spectacular Spring Sale. Since I’ve sold at 4 other markets before (UTSC Farmers Market, Sam Smith Farmers Market, Leslieville Flea and Trinity Bellwoods Flea), I have some expectations for how a market should be run. Before I committed to this event, I was insecure about the success of this market. That’s why, as a service to everyone, I’m starting...

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5 Things You Need: Pop-Up Market Edition

I’ve sold at 6 pop-up markets now, and I’ve learned quite a few things each time. So, I wanted to share this knowledge with you all. Today, I’m going to share the 5 items (or categories of things) that you MUST bring with you to all of your vending events! Of course, this list is excluding your products because I think that is obvious. With that being said, let’s get into it!

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