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7 Steps to Schedule Social Media

Today, I’m sharing how I schedule all of my social media posts for the week. This includes 1 Facebook post, 2 Instagram posts and 5-ish Pinterest pins a day! I’m sharing how I plan and prep, take and edit photos, the scheduling software I use, and how I work with my social media intern. If you’re interested in learning about my process, keep scrolling!

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7 Business Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Welcome to my first blog post of 2021! Today, I’m sharing 7 different bullet journal spreads that you can use to organize your business. I’ll be sharing how I use the spreads, photos of them and how you can customize them! These spreads include an annual strategy, content calendar, blog ideas, monthly and weekly planning spreads, reoccurring business tasks and shop statistics. Regardless, keep scrolling to learn more!

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