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Thoughtfully Gifted: Baby Shower Confusion

You have a problem. Your sister-in-law, Grace and your brother, Nate recently got married, and are now expecting a baby! Unfortunately, you don’t know your sister-in-law that well since you and Nate aren’t that close. But, you were invited to her baby shower. What do you bring? You think of the obvious- diapers! But everyone is getting her that. How can you make something as generic as diapers seem personal?

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Thoughtfully Gifted: Secret Santa Struggle

You and your friend, Jacqueline just finished writing a horrendous sociology exam. As you walk to the bus stop, you two strike up a conversation about your secret Santa exchange with you, Jacqueline and five other friends. Jacqueline asks you if you’ve figured out what to get your secret Santa. You tell her that you just need to buy it, but you know what to get him. You ask Jacqueline the same question. She turns to you with a look of despair and says, “No! My secret Santa is SO hard to shop for! She is so picky, and I don’t want just to give her a gift card.”

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