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3 Ways to Gain Inspiration for Creation

Have you ever wondered how I came up with my card designs?⁣ If you're curious about where I draw inspiration from, this week's blog post answers just that!⁣ I'm sharing 3 resources I regularly use to help me come up with new card designs. If you're in a creative rut- trust me, I know how much that sucks, continue reading!

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Thoughtfully Gifted: The Easter Surprise

It's a week before the annual Zheng Easter party, and Steven is having trouble coming up with a gift idea. You see, every year, the Zheng Easter party is held at his brother's house and every year Steven brings the same gift for the host- chocolate. Steven has always been horrible at gift giving and this holiday is no exception. Plus, he doesn't know his brother that well because they’ve grown apart over the years. Steven wants to give his brother something special this year, but what will he give?

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