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5 Things to Give: Christmas 2019 Edition

If you're like me, you're also stuck on Christmas gift ideas. If you want to give a thoughtful, unique and hand-designed gift this year, this gift guide is the one for you! All of the businesses featured are Canadian as well. From coasters, bracelets and handmade cards, to hair accessories and pottery, you will definitely impress the recipient if you gift them a present from In a Mood, Silverbrook Ceramics, Justindeed Design Co, Crave Leather and Thoughtfully Handmade! Keep on reading to get inspired!

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Thoughtfully Gifted: Holiday Happy Mail

You have a very dear friend who lives on the other side of the world. It’s Christmas, and you want to get her something. You start to think of some options: you could send her a physical gift, but that is too expensive. You could send her an e-card, but that seems too impersonal. What can you do? Out of options, you search Pinterest for inspiration. This card pops up: 

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Thoughtfully Gifted: The Dinner Party

*disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real life events or real people are coincidental* Your boss just invited you to her Christmas dinner party. How exciting! However, convention dictates that you need to bring the hostess a gift. Usually, you’d bring a bottle of wine but a promotion is up for grabs, and you want to impress your boss. You don’t know her that well, and everyone is getting her a bottle of wine! What can you do?

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