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5 Ways to Shop For Thoughtful Gifts

Have trouble getting the perfect gift? This blog post is for you! With the holiday season coming up, we're starting to think about buying presents. Plus, there's always a birthday or another occasion to get someone a gift! But, gift-giving gets hard sometimes, especially if you want to get them something thoughtful and personal. That's why I'm sharing all of my gift-giving secrets. Click to uncover them!

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5 Things to Give: Boyfriend Edition

Is your anniversary coming up? Maybe it’s your boyfriend’s birthday soon. If you’re stuck on what to get him, you need to check out this gift guide featuring Canadian small businesses! ⁣ Deep Roots Candles, Kraywoods, Pathway to Peppermint, Whalley Finch, and Thoughtfully Handmade have you covered. From hand-poured candles, sunglasses and handmade cards to personal care products and unique socks, it’ll be a great gift! ⁣ To read, click the button.

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After a Purchase, Where Does Your Money Go?

Have you ever seen an item sold by an artisan and thought, “That’s so expensive! I can get this for less at Walmart!”? As a small shop owner and cardmaker, I hear this all too often. I’m writing this blog post to explain why handmade goods are often more expensive than similar items from big box stores. How? Well, I’m breaking down where your money goes after you buy one of my cards.

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