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5 Things to Give: Stationery Lover Edition

I've been enjoying putting together these gift guides, and this time, I’m sharing a gift guide for stationery lovers! Featuring Naughty Florals, By Holly Bee, Minima Basics, Prairie Chick Prints and Thoughtfully Handmade, these Canadian businesses have some fantastic products for you to choose from! We have stickers, notebooks, organization supplies, cheeky mugs and handmade cards and bookmarks for you to gift. If you want to up your gift-giving game for a stationery lover in your life, continue reading!

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5 Things to Give: Fall Lover Edition

Who knows a fall lover? They love cold weather, seeing the leaves turn red and live for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! But what do you get an autumn fanatic for their birthday, anniversary or a thank you gift? Well, I have the answer for you! From hand-knit toques, scarves and mittens, to handmade cards, jewelry and floral arrangements, there are many gift ideas for you to choose from. Featuring Foreversonflowersandmore, Thoughtfully Handmade, FuzzyCakes Knitwear, Hugs An Stitches and Meyari Jewelry., we want you to gift more thoughtfully. What's even better? They are all Canadian or American businesses! Continue reading to see all that they have to offer!

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Thoughtfully Gifted: Secret Santa Struggle

You and your friend, Jacqueline just finished writing a horrendous sociology exam. As you walk to the bus stop, you two strike up a conversation about your secret Santa exchange with you, Jacqueline and five other friends. Jacqueline asks you if you’ve figured out what to get your secret Santa. You tell her that you just need to buy it, but you know what to get him. You ask Jacqueline the same question. She turns to you with a look of despair and says, “No! My secret Santa is SO hard to shop for! She is so picky, and I don’t want just to give her a gift card.”

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