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5 Things to Give: Baby Shower Edition

Even though baby showers can’t happen right now, you can still send the happy mom-to-be a congratulations gift. If you’re stuck on what to get her, you need to check out this baby shower gift guide featuring Canadian small businesses! Imarinuico, Paws N Tots, Simply Cyra, Kiss My Ashley, and Thoughtfully Handmade have you covered. From handmade baby clothes and macrame soothers for the baby to beautiful earrings, greeting cards, and paper flower wreaths for the mom, it’ll be a great gift! To read, just keep on scrolling!

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Thoughtfully Gifted: Baby Shower Confusion

You have a problem. Your sister-in-law, Grace and your brother, Nate recently got married, and are now expecting a baby! Unfortunately, you don’t know your sister-in-law that well since you and Nate aren’t that close. But, you were invited to her baby shower. What do you bring? You think of the obvious- diapers! But everyone is getting her that. How can you make something as generic as diapers seem personal?

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3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Card

I started making cards when I was 15. Needless to say, they weren't the best... Now, I know why my card designs weren't aesthetically pleasing, and it was because I forced my design and my creativity. But, I digress. If you want a blog post about my struggles as a creator, comment down below so I know! Anyways, onto the actual blog topic I'm covering today- transforming your old card designs. This is what my old card looked like...

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