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Pop-up Market Review: Spectacular Spring Sale

Pop-up Market Review: Spectacular Spring Sale | Thoughtfully Handmade

As a vendor, I understand the worries of selling at a market that you’ve never sold at before. I’ve heard about other vendors getting ripped off, and I’ve personally sold at unsuccessful markets where traffic was low, and no marketing was done to promote the market nor its vendors.

Last Saturday, I did my first market with LLL Events at their Spectacular Spring Sale. Since I’ve sold at 4 other markets before (UTSC Farmers Market, Sam Smith Farmers Market, Leslieville Flea and Trinity Bellwoods Flea), I have some expectations for how a market should be run.

Before I committed to this event, I was insecure about the success of this market. That’s why, as a service to everyone, I’m starting a brand new blog series called “Pop-up Market Review.” I will give a thorough review of my vending experience at the market that I’ve been to. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest with you all and tell it like it is.

If you’ve sold at any of the markets that I review, please leave your thoughts in the comments. That way, others can benefit from your knowledge. With all of that being said, here is my review of the Spectacular Spring Sale hosted by LLL Events.

Things that I liked

  • The room was very well organized.
  • The organizer required a $20 deposit to make sure all vendors stayed until the end of the market.
  • The market had a fair amount of foot traffic. Since it's on the second floor of a community centre, many families checked out the market.
  • There was an excellent vendor selection. I was the only cardmaker there, and if there were vendors from the same niche (e.g. jewelry), they were placed apart from each other.
  • The vendors were all nice and supportive of each other, and the organizer gave me tips to improve my display.
  • The location (Etobicoke Olympium) had an elevator to reach the second floor, where the market was held).
  • There were numerous, big signs inside the building to direct people to the market.
  • The organizer ran a contest (optional for vendors to participate in) for exposure. This is a great way to make connections and be promoted!
  • The room where the market was held was well lit.
  • The market was indoors, meaning I didn't have to deal with the weather.

Things I didn't like or can be improved

  • The organizer communicated with the vendors through Facebook Messenger. She also removed anyone from the group who did not follow instructions (although she did warn us first).
  • The organizer is very blunt. I'm actually okay with this since I'm blunt as well, but I wanted to include that here to warn others.
  • Vendors were placed very close together. My table was touching my neighbours, and often times, customers thought that I was the vendor for both tables.
  • There was no restaurants, fast food places nor coffee shops nearby for vendors to buy lunch. Although the organizer did provide lunch for anyone who bought it from her.
  • LLL Events' social media exposure is not very high. If you wanted Instagram exposure, this is not the event to be at.
  • The market was in Etobicoke, which didn't necessarily fit my target market. I thought I could get away with it because it was a Mother's Day market, but nope.
  • NO WIFI. You need to have at least 3 GB of data to ensure that you can take credit card payments all day long.
  • There were no signs outside of the building to direct people to the sale. That means the people that entered the building were not there intending to shop.


I would definitely sell at another market hosted by LLL Events. I might not come back to Etobicoke Olympium, but the organizer does many different locations, so I have choices. The vending fee was also low ($65) compared to other places I've sold at.

Do you agree? Have I missed something? If I have, please comment on it!

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  • Maheen

    I have don’t llevents a little over a year ago. I agree that she is rude and cannot recall what the reason; I was informed don’t apply here anymore. She has her favourite vendors. No regrets, I learnt from my experience and have moved on to better ones

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