How to Balance School and Business: An Ongoing Journey (Part 3)

How to Balance School and Business: An Ongoing Journey | part 3 | Thoughtfully Handmade

My first semester is FINALLY over, and I could not be happier.

Don’t get me wrong- I love what I’m learning at university, but I hate the stress and anxiety that school gives me.

The business has given me some frustration, stress and anxiety too. I’ve got my first holiday market coming up on Dec. 16, and I need to make enough cards to sell.

So, without further ado, here is an update on how I’m handling EVERYTHING.

What isn’t working

  • Working myself to the bone. I go to bed exhausted and I wake up exhausted. This is not a good thing!
  • 12-14 hour work days. I am a certified workaholic. When I’m not doing school work, I’m doing business admin and making cards.
  • Not giving myself “me time”. Although, my excuse is that I have deadlines to make!

What is working

  • Streaming TV shows while I make my cards. As much as I love making cards, no one wants to design 30 in a day for 12 hours straight. Streaming shows help me get through it faster.
  • Not working at my desk. When I want a change in scenery, I work on my couch. But never on my bed. Beds are for sleeping and I’m planning to keep it that way.
  • Mediation. Although, in my stress-induced haze, I’ve been forgetful and haven’t meditated in a while...

What I can improve

  • Scheduling in some of that precious “me time” and spending some time with friends and family. 
  • My eating habits. I need to figure out a system for me to eat healthier so I can be better equipped to deal with all of that stress.
  • Bringing back my habit tracker. At the beginning of university, I stopped filling one out because I’d often forget. But, now I realize that I really need it to keep me on track.


What I’ve learned is that I can’t always maintain balance. Balance comes and goes but my resilience and perseverance is what matters.

Leave your suggestions and ideas for what I can do to improve  in the comments below!

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