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Craft Market Review: The Mom Market North York

Craft Market Review: The Mom Market North York | Thoughtfully Handmade

As a vendor, I understand the worries of selling at a market that you’ve never sold at before. I’ve heard about other vendors getting ripped off, and I’ve personally sold at unsuccessful markets where traffic was low. But, I’ve also heard of fantastic markets where they were well organized and had a lot of traffic.

That’s why I’m continuing my blog series called “Craft Market Review.” I will give a thorough review of my vending experience at the market that I’ve been to. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest with you all and tell it like it is. That way, you have a little overview of what I liked, disliked, and if I would go back.

I know some of my fellow vendors have participated in The Mom Market virtual and in-person markets before, but many haven’t. I participated in one last month and yesterday, so I thought I’d write up a review of my experiences over on my blog!

I’ll be focusing my review on the North York division today, but I’ll be writing one about the Simcoe County division soon.

However, a disclaimer before I get into it: I make and sell handmade cards, bookmarks and gift tags. If you don’t have a similar business, your experience might be completely different because we draw different customer demographics!

If you’ve sold at any of the markets that I review, please leave your thoughts in the comments. That way, others can benefit from your knowledge. With all of that being said, here is my review of The Mom Market North York.

Things I liked

  • pivoted to virtual markets in light of COVID-19
  • low fee
  • had the option for Instagram feed feature, which included a slideshow of my products
  • had the opportunity to add a 30-second meet the maker video which was posted to their stories and highlights
  • graphic designed for us to post on the day of the market with information on how to buy
  • Instagram group chat with other vendors and the organizer
  • had the option to donate items to influencer swag bags where the influencer will promote our products on their stories
  • had the opportunity to give products to the giveaway
  • a lot of business promotion in their stories
  • part of a market collective
  • very professionally organized
  • the market was for 24 hours, so shoppers had plenty of time to shop
  • friendly vendor community and supportive customer base

Things I didn’t like or could be improved

  • adding a swipe up link on their stories so customers can have a direct way to shop (not their fault because Instagram only gives you that option if you have 10K+ followers)
  • having one coupon code that all vendors used to promote simplicity


I think this market speaks for itself. Although I had low sales, this was still the BEST market I’ve sold at in terms of the organization, promotion and the organizer’s dedication to vendors. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Melissa, the organizer. She put in so much work to ensure that every vendor shined on market day.

Yes, there were low sales, but that’s to be expected with a virtual market. Not many people understand how it works since it’s a new concept. I would definitely return to sell at The Mom Market North York. If you’re a vendor, I highly recommend that you apply for this market!

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