Craft Market Review: Port Credit Farmers Market

Craft Market Review: Port Credit Farmers Market | Thoughtfully Handmade

As a vendor, I understand the worries of selling at a market that you’ve never sold at before. I’ve heard about other vendors getting ripped off, and I’ve personally sold at unsuccessful markets where traffic was low, and little to no marketing was done to promote the market nor its vendors.

This past summer, I did two markets with Port Credit Farmers Market- one in June and one in August. Since I’ve sold at other markets before this, I have some expectations for how a successful market should be run.

That’s why I’m continuing my blog series called “Craft Market Review.” I will give a thorough review of my vending experience at the market that I’ve been to. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest with you all and tell it like it is. That way, you have a little overview of what I liked, disliked, and if I would go back.

However, a disclaimer before I get into it: I make and sell handmade cards, bookmarks and gift tags. If you don’t have a similar business, your experience might be completely different because we draw different customer demographics!

If you’ve sold at any of the markets that I review, please leave your thoughts in the comments. That way, others can benefit from your knowledge. With all of that being said, here is my review of the Port Credit Farmers Market in Mississauga.

Things I liked

  • The market was in a community that appreciated shopping local and handmade goods. It was the ideal demographic for me.
  • There were only three handmade, non-food vendors per market, so it's very exclusive!
  • The vendors were all very friendly.
  • There was live music!
  • The market is professionally organized. The organizer sent us very clear vendor packages via email with all the details in advance, so I felt prepared.
  • It has been held for a long time, and locals know about it.
  • They give you a tent, so you don't have to bring your own.
  • The vending fee was very inexpensive ($30).
  • It was in the middle of Port Credit in Mississauga, which is a busy area.
  • There were street signs directing people to the market.
  • The market was on every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM, which is a pretty short vending day and I had the afternoon to do other things.

Things I didn't like or could be improved

  • They didn't have a significant online presence. They didn't promote vendors on their social media accounts, unlike Trinity Bellwoods Flea.
  • There was no dedicated parking for vendors, only street parking.
  • The market is outside, so you're subjected to the weather that day. I was lucky, and it didn't rain on either of the days that I sold at.
  • It was a farmers market and not a dedicated craft market, so most people didn't attend the market to buy cards.
  • No wifi!


I will definitely be going back next season! Choosing markets that are well-run and in your customer demographic is the key to success, and Port Credit Farmers Market checks off those boxes for me. I always made my vending fee back, which is another plus.

However, I would be strategic in choosing which days to sell on since I've heard from other vendors that traffic drops in July as everyone is on vacation.

Overall, I highly recommend this market!

Have you ever sold at the Port Credit Farmers Market? If so, leave a comment because I'd love to hear your perspective!

I've also reviewed the Spectacular Spring Sale by LLL Events if you're interested in attending that!

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