7 Steps to Schedule Social Media

7 Steps to Schedule Social Media | Thoughtfully Handmade

Today, I’m sharing how I schedule all of my social media posts for the week. This includes 1 Facebook post, 2 Instagram posts and 5-ish Pinterest pins a day!

I’m sharing how I plan and prep, take and edit photos, the scheduling software I use, and how I work with my social media intern.

If you’re interested in learning about my process, keep scrolling!

1.Plan + Prep

The first thing I do is plan out my social media posts. Every month, I plan out general topics that I want to post about. Every week, I have a post about gift ideas, a card, a bookmark and gift tags. I also alternate between promoting the consignment shops and pop-up markets that I’m in every week.

Then, every Sunday, I plan out the photos I need for each post. Sometimes, I reuse previous images, and sometimes I take new ones. I also determine which props and backgrounds to use.

After planning them out, I prepare anything that I need for the photos. For instance, I need to letter my calligraphy signs before taking pictures!

2.Take + Edit Photos

Once everything is prepared, I take the photos! Sometimes, I deviate from my plan if a concept isn’t working.

When I finish, I start editing the photos. I use Snapseed and PS Express to fix the brightness, saturation, contrast, vibrancy, sharpness and clarity of the pictures. I try to have a consistent Instagram feed aesthetic, so making sure the editing is similar is very important! If you feel like editing photos is unnecessary, you can skip this part altogether.

3.Upload IG Photos to Tailwind

In case you don’t know what Tailwind is, it’s a scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. I like to upload my Instagram photos first because that involved all of the images that I’ve taken or reused. I post 2 times a day on Instagram, so that’s 14 photos in total!

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4.Write captions

I have a social media intern who does all of the actual scheduling. So, I only write the captions for behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress, market promotion, consignment shop promotion and shop update posts. My intern writes the captions for the rest and schedules everything else! You can visit my Instagram page to get an idea of the types of posts she does.

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My intern and I have a shared Google Calendar, which has all of the monthly planning. I go to each post and write a description of the photo, so she knows which picture is for which post. If you want more details on how my intern and I work together, just let me know!

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5.Upload Facebook Photos to Google Drive

I also have a shared Google Drive folder where I upload the Facebook photos. I usually pick one post from the two Instagram posts to share on my page.

Since Facebook allows you to schedule posts on their business page manager area, we use that.

6.Make Pin Graphics on Canva

Canva is a fantastic free service that allows you to make graphics. Many business owners I know use it to make social media post graphics! I like using it for Pinterest pins because it has the recommended dimensions built into the template.

I have several boards dedicated to a holiday or occasion for a card. Check out my Pinterest profile to see what I mean! I like to have my intern schedule to one board every day (about 5 pins per day).

To create the graphics, I go through my Instagram feed and use my recent photos to make the graphics!

7.Upload Pins to Tailwind

After I create the pins, I switch to the Pinterest section on Tailwind and upload the graphics. Then, I write in the Pinterest headings for each pin. My intern will do everything else when she schedules the pins, including the description!

And that’s it! I’ll be honest, these steps involve more steps, but I don’t have room to get into the nitty-gritty here. I can always write more detailed posts later if you want! Just let me know in the comments. This whole process can take around 3 hours for me and 2-3 hours for my intern. Imagine when I had to do all of this by myself! Now, you can always skip some steps if you don’t use a platform listed here. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how you can schedule your social media posts!

A small disclaimer: some of the links are affiliate links!

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