5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0

5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

Starting a small business is tough, especially when you don’t know where to start. Maintaining a business is so much harder!

In the past, I’ve written two other lists of things you need for your business. The first was written when I just started out and the second was written a couple of months after that. However, some of my essentials have changed so much that the list is entirely different!

So, today, I decided to share with you an updated list of 5 things that I love and you need to help run your business. I’m sharing who I use for my business cards, social media scheduling, website and more!

If you’re interested, just keep scrolling!

Disclaimer: Some of these links are referral links!

1. Business Cards

Canva Business Cards | 5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

I always knew how important business cards are, but I didn’t find out how many I’d go through until now! I bring business cards to every market I sell at and every order I mail.

While my cards have my website stamped on the back, the buyer doesn’t keep the card- the recipient does! So, by including a business card in every order, the buyer also has a copy of my information. That way, if they want to buy again, they can!

I don’t include a business card when I sell at markets, but it’s handy to give to interested future buyers.

I designed my own cards on Canva, and I love them! I have my logo on one side and all of my information on the other. The best part is, you can order high-quality prints right off their website!

2. Website

Thoughtfully Handmade Website Screen Shot | 5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

Even if you have an Etsy shop, you should still have a website. It’s like the home base for your store where you have all of the information.

I love using Shopify because it’s a website builder meant for e-commerce. I have the functionalities of e-commerce without doing any coding, and I get a blog as well! It’s also super easy to sell on social media and at markets with Shopify.

I’ll talk more about how I sell on social media below, but for markets, I really love Shopify’s POS system. It’s just like Square, but it’s better for me because it syncs with my inventory!

3. Social Media

Tailwind Social Media Scheduling and Planning | 5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

Social media marketing is the best form because it’s free! Or, at least it is if you don’t buy any ads.

I personally have a Facebook and Instagram page, which connects with my shop through Shopify. That’s how I’m able to easily tag products in my posts!

Now, I don’t manually post on my accounts. I use Tailwind instead! I have a whole blog post where I explain why it’s so great, so I won’t get into that here. The gist is I love using Tailwind to schedule my posts. It saves me time and stress!

4. Email Marketing

Newsletter Alert Calligraphy Sign | 5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

I prefer email marketing over social media sometimes because it feels more intimate. I have a monthly newsletter where I share behind the scenes of running Thoughtfully Handmade!

Also, it reminds previous buyers that you exist, which might persuade them to buy from you again.

I use MailerLite because it connects with Shopify, and it has the most features for free!

5. Planning System

Digital and Paper Bullet Journal | 5 Things You Need: Small Business Edition 3.0 | Thoughtfully Handmade

The last thing I’ll touch upon is a planning system. Personally, I keep a personal and business bullet journal.

The personal one is in a Leuchtturm1917 because I love writing on paper. There is something therapeutic about it!

My business planner is on my iPad because I like having it with me wherever I go. Plus, I do digital mock-ups for custom orders, and I wanted to keep all of my business stuff in one book. So, I use the GoodNotes app on an iPad Pro for digital bullet journaling.

These things help me keep track of my deadlines, tasks and future goals. If you need some help with organizing your day, I have a blog post on that too!


Even if you don’t end up using the exact platforms I do, I still think these 5 things are essential to the success of a small business. What are your thoughts? Did I miss anything that you use? Feel free to comment them below!

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