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5 Things You Need: Pop-Up Market Edition

5 Things You Need: Pop-Up Market Edition | Thoughtfully Handmade

I’ve sold at 6 pop-up markets now, and I’ve learned quite a few things each time. So, I wanted to share this knowledge with you all. Today, I’m going to share the 5 items (or categories of things) that you MUST bring with you to all of your vending events! Of course, this list is excluding your products because I think that is obvious. With that being said, let’s get into it!

Booth Set Up

Most pop-up markets will have enough space for a 6 ft table. Some might have a space for an 8 ft table, but it’s better to err on the side of caution and get that 6 ft table.

Foldable choirs are also a must! While you might rarely use it, it is good to have somewhere to sit and rest your feet, since you are standing for 6+ hours.

The last thing in the booth set up category is items to display your products. You need to add height to your display to draw people’s attention to it! It may be shelves, boxes, stands or racks, you must have something to display your items on. Do not just lay your products on the table and call it a day.


Decorations should be aesthetically pleasing and should complement your brand. The most essential piece of decor is your banner. Your banner should have your store name and logo on it and should be displayed. That way, people know who you are, can revisit you and are more likely to become repeat customers.

Another essential decor item is your table cloth. Your table cloth should be long enough that it covers the front of your table and blocks the table legs. This creates a beautiful display. Make sure that your table cloth colour is consistent with your brand! Besides display items, you should only have 1-2 other decor pieces so that your table is not cluttered.

Skip the extra decor if you don’t have room, but I feel like some twinkle lights, and a lovely vase with fake flowers really pulled my table together last time.


The first thing you should do is to make sure that you have change on you at all times. I forgot about this during the Spring Spectacular Sale and could not give full change back to my customer. Luckily, she was another vendor, so it wasn’t too bad. Please learn from my mistakes and bring change!

Another thing that you must have is a credit card reader. Almost no one carries around cash anymore, myself included. That’s why having a way to take credit and debit card payments is so important. Square is a good option no matter what your storefront host is. However, I use the one by Shopify because my website is hosted by them.

A great way to keep your cash organized without paying $50 for a cash box is to use a small, wallet-sized file folder to organize your bills accordingly. It has worked really well for me thus far. Any coins that I receive, I put inside of the zip-pocket in my craft apron.

Lastly, make sure to have your prices visible. I prefer a price list over tags because all of your information is in one spot instead of all over the table. I only put price tags near items that are exceptions to my price list, like my Wist and Bliss card sets.


Having a pen on you is always a good idea. You never know what you will have to write! You should also keep a permanent marker on you at all times, in case a price tag needs to be changed or something has to be fixed.

It’s also a good idea to keep a pair of scissors on standby. You never know when you will need it!

Last but the most important (at least for me) is masking tape. If the pop-up market is outside, I will tape down my cards to the table to avoid any strong gusts of wind to steal my cards. Trust me, this has happened way too many times! For indoor markets, I tape my banner to the front of my table, making sure that my tags are covered, and then tape my table cloth accordingly to ensure it doesn’t slide down.

Foldable Wagon

This item didn’t fall into any other category, but it is an integral part of my pop-up market supplies.

Previously, I used a rectangular grocery shopping cart to carry my supplies from the car to my spot, and IT DOES NOT WORK. I barely had enough room to fit 2 foldable chairs, much less any of my display items.

Eventually, I evolved to using a trolley cart to carry my stuff to and fro. It was definitely better than my mom’s grocery cart, but because there were no sides, my things would always slide off of the trolley.

Then, literally a month ago, I got the brilliant idea to purchase a foldable wagon. It can fold, so it doesn’t take up space, it’s durable, and it’s easy to use. Most importantly, IT HAS WALLS! No more cards were sliding off of a flatbed trolley! I got mine from Canadian Tire, and it seems to be the cheapest option (even Kijiji was more expensive).


Ever since I got my custom craft apron and business t-shirt, I’ve been wearing it to every pop-up market that I’ve attended. The t-shirt gives me a professional look, and I get to promote my social media handle on the back. The craft apron is basically a utility belt, which allows me to carry my business cards, pen, phone and coins on me at all times.

Speaking of business cards, I put it in the optional category because you really don’t need it. Although, almost every vendor will have one, and customers will often ask for one if they are interested in your product but don’t want to buy it at that exact moment.

Lastly, a tent. This is optional because you can find many pop-up markets that are indoors or include a tent in the rental fee. While some places require you to bring your own, they are easy to avoid.

Okay, I hope that this was helpful! I might come back and update this every once in a while if I discover some new tricks… I’ve also made an infographic summarizing all of this information for you. Please pin it or save it so you can refer to this at any time!

5 Things You Need: Pop-Up Market Edition | infographic | Thoughtfully Handmade

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