5 Resources You Need: Small Business Edition (Updated)

5 resources you need: small business edition (updated) | Thoughtfully Handmade

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I did a post like this- since September to be exact. So, I thought this week I’d give you an updated list of essential resources that I use every week. But before you read this blog post, you should see my first list of the top 5 resources that I use.

All done? Let’s get into it!

1. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have connected me to a whole community of entrepreneurs, and the premise is to help other entrepreneurs while receiving help yourself.

For example, I’ve asked for advice on how to grow my Instagram account multiple times and other entrepreneurs with Instagram marketing experience have joined in to give me some information.

In return, I often comment on threads that ask for my opinion on Shopify, handmade cards and craft markets.

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Here are some of the groups that I am in and that I recommend.

The advice that I have received from group members have been invaluable. I even met Lindsay, my social media marketing strategist on one of them!

2. Social Media Marketing Strategist

Lindsay from Linden Blossom Consulting, LLC has been such a big help, and I do not regret hiring her services! She has transformed my Instagram marketing strategy and has helped me increase engagement.

Every month, we make a Facebook call to plan out my editorial calendar for the month. Lindsay will give me hashtag and content suggestions based on the framework I had previously.

Lindsay has given me great customized advice regarding social media marketing. If you would like to contact her, just email her at lindsaycole@lindenblossomconsulting.com or schedule a chat with her!

3. Social Media Scheduling Tools

Now, I talked about this in the first edition, but Tailwind has improved so much I needed to mention it again! For Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind gives you customized posting times based on when your posts receive the most engagement.

This is essential to beating the algorithms and ensuring your posts are getting the most reach without paying for it! Now for Pinterest specifically, Tailwind offers Tailwind Tribes and a Smartloop feature that helps grow your account. If you have heard about group Pinterest boards, it is like that but better. It gives you content to repin or to share. You can also upload your own pins to the tribe, allowing others to share your content. This, in turn, grows your reach! I was able to expand my Pinterest reach exponentially with Tailwind Tribes. You need to try it out- even if you don’t want a Tailwind account for scheduling pins.

For Instagram, Tailwind has seriously upped its game. Now you can even schedule videos! And, you can add the location tag and people you’d like to tag directly in Tailwind before scheduling your post. Now, if only I can add my product tags...

For Facebook, I’ve been using Later to schedule them. However, with Tailwind’s new feature to schedule your Instagram posts to Facebook, I’m thinking of doing just that.

4. Bullet Journal

If you’ve come from my Instagram page, you’ve seen that I LOVE using a bullet journal to plan out my life and business.

Social Media Tracker | bullet journal | 5 resources you need: small business edition (updated) | Thoughtfully Handmade

An example is this social media tracker (pictured above), or my monthly to-do list (pictured below).

monthly to-do list | bullet journal | 5 resources you need: small business edition (updated) | Thoughtfully Handmade

I’m planning to start a whole blog series around bullet journaling for your business in April or May so look out for that! For updates, subscribe to my newsletter.

5. Photographer

My photographer, Coco has been a blessing in disguise. I highly recommend that you hire a photographer because they know how to make your product shine! Of course, they will also edit the pictures for you, so that’s one less thing to worry about.


Those are my 5 must have resources that I think all small business owners should be utilizing. For your convenience, I’ve created an infographic for you to pin! That way, you won’t forget. 

5 resources you need: small business edition (updated) | infographic | Thoughtfully Handmade

Did I miss a valuable resource? If I did, comment them down below!

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