5 Things You Need: Business Edition

5 Things You Need: Business Edition | Thoughtfully Handmade

Hello and good morning (or afternoon)!

After two months of restarting Thoughtfully Handmade, (If you're confused, you can read more about that here.) I have researched and found some resources that are fundamental to running my business.

In the spirit of #communityovercompetition, I decided to share it with all of you so that you can use these excellent resources as well!

Online biz superheroes

This is a Facebook group lead by and monitored by Sandra Clayton, the mastermind behind Conversion Minded. Every day there is a thread posted by Sandra to help us with our business.

For example, on Mondays she asks us to list our goals for the week and on the weekends she allows us to promote our materials and social media accounts.

Sandra is super helpful and is always available to give her advice in the comments. I’ve met some fantastic people in the group, and they’ve all had an impact on Thoughtfully Handmade.


They host my website, and without them, none of this would be possible. I did a blog post last week on why I chose Shopify over Etsy, so I go into more detail about Shopify there.


I use this to schedule my Instagram and Pinterest posts. I love how they tailor the posting time for you to maximize engagement!

For Instagram, they are super reliable with posting on the time you specified (unlike Later).

For Pinterest, Tailwind offers Tailwind Tribes, which functions as a group board. All of these features are super helpful when it comes to managing my social media.


Like Google, Pinterest works as a search engine and has a lot of different tips that you can search for. I like it slightly better than Google because you can pin it to a board and save it!


Canva is like photoshop, but you don't have to be an expert in graphic design to use it. I use Canva to create all my Pinterest and Facebook graphics (you can see examples here and here). They provide free templates that you can use which is perfect for when you're just starting out (points at self)!


I honestly use every one of these resources on a daily basis. Let me know in the comments below if you have a resource that's essential for you that I missed!

And before I forget, I made a summary infographic for you to pin on Pinterest!

5 things you need: business edition infographic | Thoughtfully Handmade

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