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5 Reasons Why You Should Personalize Cards


5 Reasons Why You Should Personalize Cards | Thoughtfully Handmade

Have you ever wondered why you should personalize or customize cards? Like, what’s the point? A card is a card, right? Wrong!

Keep scrolling to learn 5 reasons why you should personalize cards. I’m going to prove you wrong!

In general, a personalized card is a more thoughtful way to gift. Why? Because you can explain why you got the gift, express your feelings, jazz up a generic card, make it the perfect gift, and it can save you from awkward situations.

1. Explain why

Sometimes, a gift just needs to be explained, and you’re not there to explain it. For example, I recently gave my mom a custom stemless wine glass with her initials on it. She had no idea stemless wine glasses existed and thought it was for water! So, I had to explain to her that it’s a wine glass but without a stem. Now, what if you couldn’t be there in person to present the gift? It’s kind of awkward for them to call or message you to ask what their present is. However, if you clarify in an accompanying card, they don’t have to!

You can also use the card to tell the gift recipient why you got them the gift. For example, you got them a dog toy for their dog. You definitely should clarify that the present is a dog toy! This is a more thoughtful way to gift because it shows the recipient that you put a lot of effort into finding the perfect gift for them.

2. Express gratitude or appreciation

Of course, you’d do this in a thank you card. However, I love to do this in birthday and Christmas cards too! A blank card gives you space to tell the recipient why you appreciate or love them. Personally, I don’t like the double message. You know, where there is a generic greeting on the right side, and you write a handwritten note on the left? It’s less thoughtful to me because it reminds me of store-bought cards.

Writing a personal message to the recipient makes a gift extra unique because who doesn’t like being told that they’re fantastic? No one. So, make your gift super thoughtful by expressing your gratitude or appreciation for the recipient.

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3. Jazz up a generic card

I get it. Handmade cards can be more expensive than generic Hallmark or dollar store cards. Although, I’ve seen Hallmark cards sell for more than $7 sometimes. My handmade cards are only $5, except for my Positive Change collection, which are $7. But, I digress.

If you really can’t afford a handmade or custom card along with the gift, you can make a generic card fancy. Add a personal note inside, do some doodles or add some washi tape for some extra flair. Trust me, the more effort you put into your gift, the more loved the recipient feels. It’s always the thought that counts, not the money!

4. Give the perfect gift

I still think a custom card is the way to go for the most perfect gift. For example, I recently made a custom congratulations card for newlyweds using their wedding colours. How thoughtful is that? Very!

Last year, I made a custom birthday card with an NYC skyline on the front, and two slices of NYC-style pizza and a cute pizza pun inside. The client used it to surprise their partner on a birthday trip to NYC. I think that’s the best way to gift an experience! If you want to do something similar, just send me a DM on Instagram.

5. Save you from awkward situations

Gift-giving is challenging already. It’s even more challenging when it’s someone you don’t really know. A handmade card is the solution! Plus, if you give them a gift card or cash, put it in a card with a personal message inside to make it into a thoughtful gift.

To me, giving a gift card is the last resort for people I don’t know well enough to buy a gift suited for their personality. Teachers, coworkers and your boss are great examples. But, I don’t want them to think that I didn’t put thought into their gift. So, I’d use one of the methods above to personalize a handmade card to save me from this awkward situation. You can do the same!

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So, I’ve given you five reasons why you should personalize cards. It can be a handy way to clarify a gift, express your feelings, customize a generic card, give the perfect gift or save you from an awkward situation. Ultimately, personalizing cards is a more thoughtful way to gift. If I’ve convinced you and you need a handmade card, check out my shop! I have cards for every occasion I could think of.

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