3 Ways to Use a Mini Misti

3 ways to use a mini misti | Thoughtfully Handmade

I have talked extensively about my Mini Misti on my Instagram page in this post and this blog post. I love maximizing my tools, which led me to create this blog post today.

In case you were wondering, I got my Mini Misti from Ellen Hutson LLC, but you can also buy it from My Sweet Petunia and Amazon.

So without further ado, here are 3 ways to use your Mini Misti.

How to Use It

Before we get fancy, we need to know the basics. Watch the video for a quick demo or read about it below!


To use the Mini Misti, place your cling stamp where you want it on the paper, press the lid down to pick it up, ink the stamp and stamp the image.

The best part is, you can now stamp the image in the exact same place multiple times (as long as your paper is in the same place).

Now that you know how to use a Mini Misti let’s get creative!

Watercolour Background

You can make any cool multicoloured watercolour background by doing this neat trick.

Pick up some watercolour with your brush. Place it where you would like it on the lid of the Mini Misty. Keep repeating this step until you are happy with the colour combination and placement. Take note that the final product will be flipped. So whichever colours you put on the left of the lid will transfer to the right side of the watercolour paper. Flip the lid onto the paper and voila- a pretty watercolour background.

You can do this trick with Tim Holtz distress oxide inks or alcohol inks too. Watch the video below for a visual of what I just described!

Patterned Background

You can create a custom background stamp with the Mini Misti as well.

Pick out some cling stamps that you think will make a cool background. Arrange them accordingly on your paper, then close the lid to pick them up. You can technically place the cling stamps directly on the cover, but I like to have a visual of the final result. Ink them up and stamp!

Now you can repeat this pattern for as many cards as you want. Here is another video demonstration.


Create a Scene

You can easily create a little scene for your cards using the Mini Misti.

Using steps similar to the second method, arrange your little scene on your paper, pick up the stamps with the lid, ink it up and stamp!

I love this trick because I can now repeat this scene for multiple cards. Watch the video for an example!

There you go- 3 fresh and creative ways to use your Mini Misti.

Happy crafting!

Music: https://www.bensound.com

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