3 Ways to Gain Inspiration for Creation

3 ways to gain inspiration for creation | Thoughtfully Handmade

Have you ever wondered how I came up with my card designs?⁣ If you're curious about where I draw inspiration from, this week's blog post answers just that!⁣

I'm sharing 3 resources I regularly use to help me come up with new card designs. If you're in a creative rut- trust me, I know how much that sucks, continue reading!

1. Social media

I love following other cardmakers on Instagram or Pinterest to draw inspiration from. They always have different techniques and card design ideas that I would have never thought of!

One of my favourite accounts is @vickyp_gr. Her card ideas are always simple but elegant. I love how our card styles are somewhat similar as we both focus on using pattern paper and stamps for our designs.

When I see a card design that I like, I save it in my collection on Instagram or repin it on Pinterest. Then, when I’m looking to create a new design, I’ll scroll through and pull inspiration from their designs. After that, I put my own spin on the design and make it my own.

Because I sell my cards, I can’t copy others’ designs directly; however, if you’re just making them for yourself, feel free to.

This process works for any creative out there. We become inspired by someone else’s work and put our own twist to it to make it ours!

2. YouTube

I also love watching process video from other cardmakers. This way, you learn new techniques that you can implement in your designs.

Again, I love Vicky’s channel on YouTube- she’s the only cardmaker that I watch!

The same principles apply to YouTube: we put our own twist on other people’s techniques. That’s how I came up with my new Bon Voyage birthday card design!

3. Your materials

I love drawing inspiration from patterns and colours! I always get inspired to create when I look at my beautiful pattern papers. This was how I came up with my Eggcelent Surprise card design.

Eggcelent Surprise | handmade Easter card | basket full of 3 easter eggs with happy easter on basket | 3 ways to gain inspiration for creation | Thoughtfully Handmade

I saw the turquoise polka dot paper and thought that it gave me Easter egg vibes. I then started to pair it with 2 other patterns to create my Easter egg basket!

This tip works for other mediums as well. For example, a candle maker can become inspired by a scent that they smell, an artist can become inspired by paint colour, and a sewer can become inspired by a fabric pattern.

This is the best way to become inspired, in my opinion, because you avoid (unintentionally) plagiarizing the work of others.

I know that there are many ways people become inspired to create. My 3 tricks are only the beginning! Let me know how you become inspired in the comments below!

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