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3 Ways to Find Consignment Shops for Handmade Products

3 Ways to Find Consignment Shops for Handmade Products | Thoughtfully Handmade

Are you a small business owner looking to display their items in a store? Today, I’m sharing 3 ways to find these opportunities. 

My tips will work if you’re looking for a pop-up store in a mall, a consignment shop or even a pop-up market! 

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Facebook Groups

I found a consignment shop that I was a part of through a Facebook group for small business owners looking for markets to vend at. I’ve seen many stores post opportunities on there, so it’s worth a try! Also, you can often write a post asking for group members’ recommendations if the group rules allow you to do it.

The only thing I’d keep in mind is the legitimacy of the offer. There has been an increase in market scams where people sell vendor spots for fake events. I would be cautious of anything that you find on social media! If they don’t answer your questions and push you to pay the rent upfront, avoid them!

Please, make sure to ask for a contract with details like rent, how much space you get, how you receive your payment, what percentage commission they take per sale and policies for leaving the store. 

Here are two Facebook Groups that might offer some opportunities in Ontario!

If you live elsewhere, I highly encourage you to search for groups in your region. Some search terms I’d use are consignment [your town or province] or vendor show [your town or province].

DM on Instagram

Directly contacting the shop on Instagram is great if you have some shops in mind. That way, you can inquire about all of the details like rent and payment upfront to see if the shop is the right fit for you.

I also highly recommend visiting the shop in person to get a feel for their atmosphere and overall vibe. That way, you can make sure your brands align!

Also, I’m more active on Instagram in terms of direct messaging people for business things. So, that’s why I have this method as DM on Instagram. But you can totally do the same on Facebook! Just message the shop’s Facebook page instead. 

Here are some shops that I’m in or know of:

Similarly, these are primarily in Southern Ontario. To find some, I would see if businesses you follow are in consignment shops. Then, I’d check them out!

Ask for Recommendations

If you have some business friends, I highly recommend asking them for recommendations! Sometimes, they’re not in a consignment shop, but they’ve heard good things about them. That’s how I got into Dini & Co! A business friend recommended them to me, and here we are today.

It’s also good to get a vendor’s perspective on how well they think the consignment shop is run and if it’s worth the rent!

Bonus: They Find You!

Sometimes, you get lucky, and the consignment shop finds you. This usually happens when the shop is new and hasn’t opened yet. So, there are some risks with that, but there is also a high reward! For example, I got into Simcoe Street Market because they found me. I would have never thought about branching out to Beaverton, ON if it wasn’t for this fantastic opportunity. 


So, those are my 3 tips on finding a consignment shop for your handmade products. I hope they help! If you know any shops looking for vendors or any Facebook groups, please comment below. That would be so helpful to new business owners reading this post!

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