3 Steps to Hiring a Social Media Intern

3 steps to hiring a social media intern | Thoughtfully Handmade

As a small business owner, I do almost everything by myself. From making my handmade cards to doing the SEO from my website, I do it all. If I don't know how to do it, I have to learn. That's what happened with social media marketing.

Now, I'm unlike most people and don't quite like social media. Don't get me wrong, I love interacting with people but scheduling posts, taking numerous photos every week, writing captions and searching hashtags are not up my alley. It's why I hired a photographer. 

Although side note: I don't pay my photographer, she volunteers her time. So, can I really say that I hired her?

Anyways, I recently got busier than ever. With university, Thoughtfully Handmade and my extracurriculars, I got extremely overwhelmed. Add in the fact that I hate social media marketing, and you've got an overworked business owner who hates what she does. Yes, you read that right! Instead of the majority of the time going towards making cards, I spend most of it scheduling social media. Doesn't sound very smart right?

I'll have you know that I was doing the bare minimum. That's why I decided to hire a social media intern. Again, I don't pay my intern so I wouldn't call it hiring persay, but she does schedule and manages all of my social media (the parts that I hate). I now only have to interact with my community, something that I love.

Longwinded introduction aside, let's get into how I actually hired her!

1. Posting on Facebook groups

If you're like me and want to stop doing social media marketing, the first step is to write up a Facebook post explaining what you want and post it. 

Sounds simple right? No? Well, let me unpack that for you.

For my post, I basically said something along the lines of:

"I am the owner of Thoughtfully Handmade and I am looking to hire a social media intern. I can't pay you but you would be getting valuable experience working with a brand. If you are interested in social media marketing or doing a degree in marketing, this would be a great opportunity for you! Please comment below if you're interested."

I suggest that you write out your post on a notes app or something so that it's easier to copy and cross-post to multiple groups. I purposely did not post this in any entrepreneur groups that I'm apart of because there would be a rare chance that they would be willing to take an unpaid internship.

Instead, I posted it on my university Facebook group for my class (the class of 2022) and another one for opportunities for high school, university and graduate students that I'm apart of. I suggest finding groups like that based in your area and targeting youth. They are more willing and have more time for volunteer work. The opportunities group is Canada-wide but with a focus on the Greater Toronto Area. If you'd like to check it out, it's called Applications, Materials, Links. Opportunities and Connections (AMLOC)

2. The interview process

Once some people show interest, pick the most promising ones and ask them for an interview. I highly recommend doing that because it allows you to see if the intern and you will collaborate nicely or not. 

I personally did an informal interview of each candidate through Facebook messenger because I was pressed for time. However, feel free to meet in person, have a call or do a video call. It's up to you.

Interview questions will be altered based on what your needs are but here were mine:

  • Tell me a little about yourself and why you want to work for Thoughtfully Handmade
  • Have you ever done social media marketing before?
  • Could you show me examples of your previous work?
  • Please write a caption for x scenario.
  • How would you plan out my posts for the month of September? Keep in mind that I post 2x per day on Instagram, 1x per day on Facebook and 10-15x on Pinterest per day.
  • Do you have experience using hashtags and researching them?

Keep track of their responses however you see fit. I did an informal chart in my notes app. After all the interviews are done, simply pick the best candidate based on experience and how well they would collaborate with you.

3. Intern training

Your work is not done yet! You still need to train your intern so they know how to use your systems. I set up a time with my intern to meet with her in person at a local Starbucks and taught her everything. Of course, that was only a crash course. 

My intern actually requested that I send her a screen recording of how I schedule everything so that she has something to refer to. I gladly made the video for her and it's kind of like a training video.

This blog post has already gotten longer than expected so I'm going to stop here. I was going to include how exactly my social media scheduling system works and how that has changed with my intern. If you would like to learn about that, comment down below! If there's enough interest, I'll definitely write it as a separate blog post.

Good luck with hiring your first social media intern!

P.S. If you stumbled upon this post, but don't know why you should hire a social media intern, I have some good ones!

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