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3 Reasons Why I Chose Toronto Environmental Alliance

3 Reasons Why I Chose Toronto Environmental Alliance | Thoughtfully Handmade

A while back, I made the announcement that I’m giving 10 cents from every item purchased to Toronto Environmental Alliance! So, I decided to go in-depth and explain my rationale for choosing Toronto Environmental Alliance as the non-profit that I’m supporting. Keep reading to learn about the three reasons why I picked TEA!

But first, a quick overview of what TEA does. For over 30 years, TEA aims to find achievable solutions so we can build a greener, healthier and more equitable Toronto. By working with concerned citizens and community groups, TEA executes its vision for a city that is economically and environmentally sustainable. They also act as an environmental watchdog at City Hall. Now, onto my reasons why!

1. Giving back to my community

When I choose which organization to support, I always aim for one that benefits my community. As you know, I used to donate to Seniors With Skills. Unfortunately, the Canadian founder goes to university in the U.S. So, there are more chapters there than here.

I grew up in Toronto, and I know it can always improve its environmental policies. TEA is Toronto-based, and its mission directly impacts my city. Their campaigns are specifically targeted to the issues Toronto faces when it comes to ensuring sustainable environmental practices while maintaining economic activity. So, by donating 10 cents from each product sold to TEA, I’m giving back to my community through them!

2. Helping the environment

When I asked my Instagram followers for suggestions on which non-profits or charities I should support, I received many ideas. However, deep down, I knew I wanted to pick an environmental organization. As I mentioned briefly in my previous blog post on environmentally friendly business practices, donating to an environmental organization is a great idea.

As much as I try my best to eliminate waste and switch to plastic-free packaging, I can’t always do that. A big part of making cards is that I have a lot of paper waste. Yes, it can be recycled, but recycling isn’t the best solution. I go more into this on the blog post that I mentioned above, but the gist is as a business, it’s hard to be eco-friendly and make a profit.

City policies on waste management and plastic use need to change. By donating part of my sales to TEA, I can do my part in ensuring that change will happen!

3. Supporting green policies

Ever heard of the term vote with your money? Well, that’s precisely what I’m doing. To do the vital work that TEA does, they need money to survive. I choose to donate part of my money to support environmentally friendly policies that Toronto desperately needs. TEA focuses on six main initiatives.

  • Climate change: Actions in this initiative include preparing Toronto for the effects of climate change. Key actions include reducing energy usage and investing in the correct infrastructure.
  • Waste reduction: TEA advocates for policies and programs to help residents and businesses becomes waste-free.
  • Greenbelt: They try to protect Ontario’s Greenbelt through the promotion of buying local food and advancing the Greenbelt into Toronto.
  • Air quality: Initiatives help decrease air pollution, so we reduce our impacts on climate change.
  • Toxics: TEA finds toxic hot spots in Toronto and provides solutions to eliminate them.
  • Wet cleaning: This initiative addresses the toxic substance called “perf” to remove stains in dry cleaning, and advocates for a safe alternative.

These three reasons are why I chose to donate a part of my sales to TEA. They are a longstanding organization that supports the environment and allows me to give back to my community. I hope to expand Thoughtfully Handmade’s donations through other partnerships in the future. Do you have any suggestions for me?

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